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ASN Group Member's Stories
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Denise -     A stroke survivor and an

"Aphasia Thriver"- 2015 Before her stroke earned her MA in Mental Health Counseling and became a clinician in Providence RI.

Just a few months into her career,

 November of 2015 at age 48 Denise had a  stroke that first started as a Ischemic stroke which led to a Hemorrhagic stroke to the left side of her brain. This affected her ability to speak, read, write, process and also affected her vision (Hemianopsia) . 

The diagnosis  "APHASIA".

She doesn't remember the first 2 weeks of her stay. One day while in the hospital she had a visit with her twin granddaughters. Then like turning on a switch she beamed and interacted with the girls. Although she didn't say everything correctly, the bond was strong. She attributes this encounter to the start of recovery.


In Oct 2017 Denise had an opportunity to get INTENSIVE THERAPY for her aphasia.  Pictures here are from The Aphasia Center in St.Petersburg Fl.

She learned new strategies and improved her reading greatly.

She continues to use her skills on a daily basis. Always practicing and improving.


Denise and her husband attended The Bridge Project  At SPC.

She was so excited when she came back. She wanted to make a difference. She started the ball rolling on a new venture, a nonprofit organization Just Aphasia Stroke Knowledge or Just ASK as it is known.


She also shared her experience with the various support groups that she attends. Telling everyone about the conference. 

One person was very interested, his name is Michael O.

He stated to her "You should do it".  Do what?  "Have a conference of course".

Challenge accepted!

7 Months later in JUNE of 2019 Just ASK held our first aphasia conference in Warwick, RI the only conference dedicated to Aphasia in Rhode Island, and is now a very anticipated annual June event. 

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